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Experience the ultimate audio performance

Take your performances to the next level with the best unique personalised music, and audio solutions for artists, media, events & shows

 Editing / isolating / remastering
your audio and music

Revitalize your audio! I offer comprehensive editing, isolating specific elements for remixing or removal, and remastering to deliver a captivating and immersive sound experience that highlights your content's full potential. Elevate your audio quality with my professional touch.

Music Consultancy / Artist Support / Rebranding

Empowering musicians and artists with strategic guidance. I offer music consultancy to navigate the industry, personalized artist support to nurture your talent and maximize your impact, and rebranding services to revitalize your image and resonate with your target demographic. Unleash your artistic potential.

Creative Show Performance / Medleys / Musical support

Create extraordinary live shows that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression. With meticulous music production, I craft seamless medleys or mixes of your favorite songs, delivering high-energy performances that engage and inspire. Deliver a unforgettable musical experience that will have your audience on their feet, immersed in the magic of your show.

Music Production / Remixing service

Introducing my dynamic music production service, focused on delivering hit songs. With expertise in Pop, Disco, Latin, and Urban genres, I specialize in crafting music that resonates with a wide audience. Let's collaborate to create chart-topping compositions. Count on me to produce high-quality tracks to maximise your potential. Take your artistry to the next level with results-driven music productions.

About me

Jxm Productions is a Dutch based international provider of professional audio editing services for Shows , Multimedia & Artists. With a passion for creating unique music elements, Jxm Productions delivers music or audio that enhance productions. Consultation in musicwise audio strategies and rebranding for a fresh identity that impacts and reaches the audience.

Collabs with artists, venues, podcasters, broadcasters, and multimedia companies, Jxm Productions ensures each project aligns with clients visions. With cutting-edge tools and a keen attention to detail, Jxm Productions delivers highly exceptional unique audio visual experiences that makes clients stand out and impress.

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